Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus

The manufacturer of pen tablets and monitors / sensitive tablets Wacom could not pass up an opportunity like that offered by tablets like the iPad to turn them into a drawing tool professional level. This is the case of the first pressure sensitive iPad, as used on this occasion pencils.

Since the release of the first version of iPad, one of the questions we asked design professionals, design or photo retouching was when these devices reach a sufficient level to become professional-level tools. It was necessary to be updated first hardware (which came with the new iPad versions 2, 3 and 4), the use of applications such improvements (with the possibility of working in professional canvas sizes), and Finally, the appearance of the pressure sensitive pencils.

If an iPad from the beginning was an excellent drawing tool for learning levels (and children's levels), the fact is that for professional travel was still something in this regard.

Finally, begin to appear in the various market alternatives from which this pen is Wacom. The Intuos Creative Stylus retains a distinctive design and ergonomics and pencils brand. Likewise, in the area in which the index finger is placed are two buttons whose function is customizable depending on the application with which they work.


The simplicity of installation of this contrasts with the pencil too concise way to explain in the instructions. And is that the connection between the device and the iPad is not done from the Bluetooth preferences as you might think it is made directly from each of the supported applications with which it is used. This causes each have a method to do (yes, all similar). However, we have encountered some difficulties or connection errors in one application, acknowledging the connection was not even able to work with the functions assigned to the buttons do not even recognize the battery level of the pen.

In Wacom website we can find a list of applications and features available for each application.

Pressure sensitivity

As we have said from the beginning, the functionality that makes sense of this pencil is the pressure sensitivity. With an accuracy able to distinguish between 2048 levels of pressure, the fact is that the rubber tip is somewhat imprecise, even with the expectations that the user can have if you used Wacom tablets.

However, if we make the comparison with the ability to draw with your fingers or with standard pencils without any connectivity or pressure sensitivity, the experience is very rewarding.

Quite affordable

The price of this pencil is $60 approximately, and while it may seem high when compared to standard pencils that do not cease to be a holder for a pointer rubber, the reality is that the Wacom pen is a better technology and better experience for the user. Do not forget that until a few months ago too, to work on a display (with the Retina quality) with the ergonomics of a conventional pen and pressure sensitivity, the price of the equipment available amounted to several thousand euros. So if instead of comparing this Wacom with cheaper alternatives but not like when working, he compared with teams that we will be able reeemplazar (and eventually more) the fact is that the price this product is more than reasonable.


Although most pencils are simply a holder for a pointer of material capable of being recognized by the tablets, when this Wacom pen needs to transfer information to the tablet requires an energy source. This includes a stack size that allows no thicknessing AAAA design too so keep a pencil and excellent ergonomics wirelessly.


We are witnessing the beginning of a new era for amateur and professional drawing and painting and, undoubtedly, this is the way in which the development of specific hardware will find success.

The opportunity to work on a light tablet as a notebook but with the technology of a display and a processor capable of managing images beyond 4K are wonderful, but do well with a pencil, with the weight of any conventional pen allows us to perform strokes with varying thickness or opacity depending on the pressure with which we draw looks simply magical.

If we also consider the price of less than $100 that we have compared with alternative professional level, we can say that the Intuos Creative Stylus is a great pencil.

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