Bungie has been working on his next big project, Destiny, and now the new title from the developers of Halo is already in our hands and with great success in terms of sales.

The first thing to discuss is that even though Bungie has done much stress upon in context of its new IP, the argument is not well developed and becomes quite confused by the very context in which the game is played.

The story is set in a future where a Traveller giant spherical protects the Earth and its people. The civilization that we are in Destiny has traveled for centuries the solar system, and now only the ruins are found in different worlds.

During the campaign we will always be accompanied on missions by both our friends and by strangers. This aspect is very nice it makes the game more fun, and explains that we should be online all time. I discussed the missions are very repetitive which can be much more enjoyable if we play with our friends and also to access the raids that will be activated gradually be binding form a group of six friends to access them.

The Role

We are going to decide which destinations you want to visit from a total of seven sites that go shelling everything Destiny offers. The encargaos activate from the map of the surface itself and after deciding we want, we begin our adventure.

The planets in which the story is four, Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars. Each planet has a set of missions that will advance the story and unlock a world after another. There are five missions per location for up to three players, but we can also overcome alone with consequent difficulty that entails. Furthermore, each planet has a Assault and Patrol. The Assault are several orders ending with a boss, and Patrol missions are quick find on the surface of the planet itself.

Visual Aspects

Modeled have a very suitable especially in the poly count characters, and we can see in missions players joining us or in the Tower, which develops in the third person, and we can see how the team looks we wear. We have analyzed the PlayStation version 4 and can say that the result is fantastic.

The game features 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30 frames per second which is stable at all times. The main drawback we found in the technical side are the load times are too long.


Destiny is a great action game with their strengths and weaknesses we will provide many hours of entertainment in a cooperative multiplayer campaign. The lack of depth however is the fault that can be criticized for a new IP that promises much for the future.

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